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The farm practices used at Mooi Bly, are carefully done, with respect for nature and environment.

The farm practices used at Mooi Bly, are carefully done, with respect for nature and environment. Soil analyses are taken before any planting and select cultivars and clones are chosen per vineyard block. During the year corrective vineyard management takes place, winter pruning, suckering and dosed irrigation to ensure a high quality crop.

The old Chenin Blanc vines vary from 25 up to 35 years old. The one block is planted in deep clay, loam soils to get the full fruity character of the grape and the second block is established in granite soils. This soil gives the grapes a lot of minerality! These 2 give the ideal blend in the wine, fruit driven with a high acidity and minerality.

Our latest planted block; Chardonnay is in granite soils, as with the Chenin it gives the already fruity grape a nice acidity and mineral flavours.

Mooi Bly's Cabernet Sauvignon is planted on the top soils of the farm, deep clay loam combination, on a South facing slope. We restrict its yield to 6.5 tons per hectare to get maximum, concentrated flavours. The clone used for this variety is mainly fruit driven.

Our Shiraz is planted at the complete top of the farm. The block could be devided in 2 sections, more clay and the other more granite!

Back again, low yields and deep intense flavours in the grapes to get a top quality fruit.

Mooi Bly's speciality block consists of Malbec and Tannat, more strange cultivars are coming up! These varieties are only planted in very small quantities, first to experiment and secondly to get an exclusive product in the bottle.

Very deep red soils, a lot of shade makes that these grapes ripen very slowly and give its intense, typical character. Malbec more fruity and Tannat very strong and powerful.

In 2008 we will plant Roussanne, another with variety.

A minimum intervention philosophy is followed in the cellar. Due to a high quality fruit we create wines made by the grapes themselves. Only the best bunches end up in our press, therefore we have a second selection in the cellar after the grapes are picked. The grapes are kept cold during the whole working process to distract maximum flavors and aromas. In our cellar back again we work eco-friendly, no harmful chemicals are used for cleaning and our waste water kept to the standards.

Thank You...
Thank you for all those people, friends, winemakers and viticulturists, who have shared their knowledge and experience with us!

Charles Hopkins: cellar master at De Grendel, Durbanville,
Kajo: winemaker at Saronsberg, Tulbagh,
Bruwer Raats from Raats Family Wines in Stellenbosch and
Willem from Cloof wines in Darling.

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