Our Community

Our community initiatives.

Bergendal Primary School has been in operation for the last 32 years and was started by a previous owner who saw the opportunity to help the community. Situated on Seidelberg the school presently educates 400 scholars up to grade 9.

Roland Seidel purchased the farm 11 years ago and too saw this as a wonderful opportunity to invest in the community with the aim to let the learners participate in the future growth of the economy.

A lot of renovations have taken place over recent years and with the help of Mr Seidel and other donors there are a number of projects underway. A computer lab was recently built and is also used in the evenings for adult literacy classes. Current projects include the building of additional classrooms as well as the inclusion of a library.

A trust was formed to collect money for these renovations. There is still a lot that can be done for the community, so if you wish to get involved in this project please contact info@seidelberg.co.za.

The Seidelberg Kindergarten was opened in August 2005 as an initiative from Dr Andrea Phillips-Seidel. 16 children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years attend the kindergarten.

Cecilia Wine Project "A future for the children of Africa"

The inspiration behind this project is the thousands of children on this continent who are without parents, health, homes and the opportunity to have fulfilled lives. R20,00 per bottle of the wines sales of Cecilia will be used to benefit these children.

The aim of this project is to help provide a safe home for homeless infants and young children and to help older children and young adults living on the streets find their way back to society in a respectable and sustainable way.

Seidelberg Wine Estate