About us

Mont du Toit seeks to produce full-bodied red wines characterized by balance, fruit and elegance. This it achieves by traditional, conservative methods and meticulous attention in vineyard and cellar.

This "traditional" approach eschews "technical" intervention in the wine-making process.

Careful tending of the vineyard, soil renewal through composting, pruning for low yields, selective succouring by hand, verification and control of soil humidity, foliage development, a conservative pest control approach all contribute to producing the best possible grapes.

Science is used in the vineyard where it can contribute to this aim of optimal fruit. A radio-linked computer - based weather station has been installed in the vineyard, giving daily weather forecasts. This gives an early warning of conditions favouring vine diseases, and thus allows conservative and measured reaction.

Mont du Toit subscribes to the Integrated Production of Wine programme. This sets standards for eco-friendly practices in the vineyard and on the farm.

Our Winemakers
Wine-making at Mont du Toit has been under the inspirational guidance of the renowned German vintner, Bernd Philippi of Kallstadt in the Palatinate, Germany.

He was chosen as 1998 wine-maker of the year by Feinschmecker Weingourmet, and in 2005 won the award for making the best wine in Germany.

Our winemaker on South African soil is the well-known and master blender, P.J. Geyer. He will be starting with Mont du Toit the first week of June 2009.

The Vineyard and the Cellar
Mont du Toit Kelder lies at the foot of the Hawequa mountain, Wellington, Western Cape, bordering Paarl, the centre of wine production in South Africa, some 65 km north-north-east of Cape Town.

28 hectares of vines grow on sunny, north and northwest facing slopes of weathered granite and Clovelly Hutton soils, with sandy loam in the lower areas. Only red varieties have so far been planted - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Alicante Bouschet, Mourvedre, Petit Verdot, Tinta Barocca.

Wine production at Mont du Toit is based on a traditional 'low-tech' approach. The entire Mont du Toit philosophy relies on the growing of the right grapes, keeping yields down, doing green harvesting (pruning away excessive grapes) at veraison and meticulously selecting only fully ripe fruit by hand during harvest time.

A few of our outstanding achievements:
Vintage 1998

"Voted second best joint venture in the world" 92 points - place on par with Opus One (Winner) – UK Wine Magazine.

Vintage 1999
Mont du Toit - Stephan Tanzer, 2 best SA Wine

Vintage 2001
Mont du Toit - "Decanter Trophy - SA's best Bordeaux blend over 10 £"
Mont du Toit - Juliet Cullinan - Gold - Trophy

Vintage 2002
Mont du Toit - 4½ star John Platter & Swiss International Air lines Silver medal
Le Sommet - 4½ star John Platter & Highest scoring red wine for more than 12 months in the Wine Magazine.

Vintage 2004
Les Coteaux 2004 - SAA Premium Class winelist. Best red blend tasted out of 142 wines entered

Vintage 2006
Mont du Toit 2006 - 5 stars - ENO WorldWine - Award of Excellence. Hamburg, Germany
Le Sommet 2006 - 5 stars - ENO WorldWine - Award of Excellence. Hamburg, Germany

Some Comments:
"Mont du Toit is a producer of cult South African Mega Reds"
- Daily Mail, London

"This wonderfully flossy wine combines an impressive structure with rich, concentrated flavours" - The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, London

"The Mont du Toit from South Africa is breathtaking, subtle and velvety" - Simon Hoggart, Wine Spectator, UK

"Very complex but absolutely seamless, this is a beautiful wine and the one bottle I'd choose to exemplify the premise of this column. Sublime stuff." - Michael Franz, Washington Post, USA.

"A quantum leap regarding wine needs to be mentioned. One of the most remarkable is Mont du Toit." - Mario Scheuermann, The top wines of the world, Weincompass.

"And it paid off, with Mont du Toit wines achieving cult status in 'Germany overnight.' ... Or in Brillat-savarin speak, definitely better than sex..." - Neil Pendock, Sunday Times

Mont du Toit