About us

After taking your first sip of M?reson wine you?ll find yourself standing taller, walking slower and smiling a lot more.

If you have a minute, or a little longer, we insist that you take a breather. Indulge in what makes life worth living - M?reson wine and fabulous company.

Early Beginnings
In 1688 the French Huguenots came to South Africa - enriching us with their culture, language and winemaking flair. With their eye for beauty and good wine growing conditions, they settled in the Franschhoek (corner of France) Valley. Our farm, M?reson, was part of La Motte, one of the original farms granted to the French Huguenots in 1695 by Governor Simon van der Stel.

In 1986 M?reson was purchased by the Friedman family and with their dynamic and visionary approach, insatiable zest for life, creativity and sound business principals they transformed M?reson into a prominent name among Cape wines.


The farm is about 5km from the picturesque Franschhoek, a quaint little town, French in character, with a fascinating history, breathtaking scenery and the culinary capital of South Africa. Our vineyards are among the first recipients of the morning rays, hence 'M?reson' which in Afrikaans means 'morning sun'.

The farm nestles beneath the dramatic Franschhoek Mountains, which are snow-capped in winter. On one side of the farm the Franschhoek River meanders through the fertile soil carrying the centuries old secret of good winemaking. Bordering the other side is a natural forest, its deep greens complementing the clear blue of the sky, the mysterious purple of the mountains, the light greens of rusty browns of the vineyards and the bright yellow of the lemon groves.

In our Franschhoek vineyards the soils are light and ideal for early ripening varietals like Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. With the mountains shading the vineyards from the early morning and late afternoon sun and an almost continuous Southeaster from Walker Bay, the ripening grapes are kept cool during the long, warm summer.

Rigorous row by row selection and bunch sorting, followed by stringent tank and barrel selection in our modern, high-tech cellar, ensures that only the grapes and wine characterising the M?reson range are used. Gentle handling of the grapes, careful use of barrel and stainless steel fermentation and proper oak ageing are guided by our winemaker to ensure that the natural characteristic of the fruit are enhanced.


Scientific vineyard location and meticulous winemaking is our philosophy at M?reson. We focus on producing the best grapes in our Franschhoek vineyards, carefully sourcing the highest quality grapes from Paarl and Stellenbosch while maintaining continued excellence in the cellar.

The absolute focused passion (that underlies our small boutique farm) ensures that all our wines are crafted to balance across the entire palate.

At M?reson we spend every minute of every day making, working on or dreaming about our wine. We?re always improving, whether it?s in the vineyard or in the winery, we pride ourselves on our ability to evolve without losing our charm.