Our Story

Birth of a South African legend. Theuniskraal, one of Tulbagh's best-known wine farms, has a history as interesting, and as old, as the village itself.

As the story goes, in 1699 three families settled in the valley created by the Obiqua, Winterhoek and Witzenberg mountains. One of the families had a son named Theunis who was granted land to the north of the present-day village. His property was originally named Theuniskuyl, but by 1785, when vines were already being cultivated here, the name had changed to Theuniskraal. 

Theunis Bevernagie settled in a fertile valley guarded by the towering Witzenberg and Winterhoek mountains, and fed by the Klein Berg River. His name was to be enshrined in local wine lore, for in 1927 the widow Jordaan from De Doorns bought the farm for her two sons, the older one Andries farming at Theuniskraal, and the younger Harry at Agenda, a portion of the original farm.

The private wine industry at that time was almost non-existent, but Andries was determined to make good wine. By the 1940s he was shipping respectable quantities of wine in bulk to London. Great wooden vats were sent out to the Cape by sea and then on to Tulbagh by rail where they were filled with wine and sent back again the same way.

In 1948, Andries Jordaan launched the estate's first Riesling - and a South African icon was born. Just 2 years later Theuniskraal Riesling took gold at the Commonwealth Wine Show against international competition. Andries' sons, Kobus and Rennie continued the tradition of fine Riesling, extending plantings with other classic varieties, both white and red. Today Theuniskraal Riesling remains an extremely popular wine, while an unwooded Semillon/Chardonnay is fast gaining ground.

Nowadays the whole family works on Theuniskraal. Kobus and Rennie, sons of Andries Jordaan, are still involved in the vineyard and cellar while their wives, Rosette and Annelie, handle marketing and administration. The next generation has continued the tradition, with Andries Jnr now winemaker and his cousin Wagner concentrating on viticulture.

Theuniskraal Estate