Locality and Climate

The five wineries comprising Orange River Cellars are situated in the northern parts of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. This region is also known as the Kalahari, a countryside which is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, open spaces, and unequalled stars cape nights.

Unique Locality
The vineyards are all located in close proximity to the Gariep (Orange) River, and stretch over a distance of more than 350 kilometres, from Kakamas in the west to Keimoes, Upington, Grootdrink and, finally, Groblershoop Wine Cellars in the north-east. The head-office of Orange River Cellars are situated at the Upington Winery.

The average rainfall of this fascinating region varies between 120 and 160 mm per annum, and is restricted to spring and summer, which extend from September to April. The average temperatures vary between extremes, from 3°C and even below that at night time, to 18° - 21°C for the days during the winter period. In summer time the average night temperatures vary between 18° - 22°C, whilst the average day temperature is about 37°C.

Regional Info
Wine ... the commonly understood term used to describe the final product of the process of fermenting the juice of fresh grapes.

Nowhere is this process better portrayed than in the Northern Cape, the largest of South Africa's provinces comprising an area of 361 000 sq km. It is here, in the least populated part of the country, where thousands of hectares of vineyards decorate the countryside in immediate proximity to the Orange River for hundreds of kilometres. The Northern Cape is also home to Orange River Wine Cellars which was established in 1963.

The sun drenched, undulating landscape, renowned for its cerulean skies and the mesmerising beauty of the red Kalahari sands, hides in its heart a living oasis of unrivalled beauty - the Orange River of Great Gariep as it was historically called.
The Great River, unbowed and untamed after hundreds of years of change, runs through endless horizons, painting its banks in a kaleidoscope of green colours.

The Orange River provides an artery of life to plant and beast, and to the tapestry of cultures interwoven in the history of this land. Tradition has it that the original Khoikhoi people, habitating the shores of the river, were told ancient stories by listening to the whispers from the streams of the Gariep. With the introduction of the River's Tale wines, the Great River is now telling new stories, intriguing tales about evocative wines from a land of contrasts...

Orange River Cellars