The making of MCC

The 6 steps of making MCC.

  1. After picking, whole bunches of grapes are off-loaded into the velo-pneumatic press, where they are pressed gently in the champagne cycle, resulting in juice called cuvée.

  2. The cuvée is settled and fermented in tanks, then blended, stored, stabilized and bottled.

  3. Liquer de tirage and yeast are then added to the cuvée, and the bottles are sealed tightly with crown capes. They then undergo the second fermentation process in cold storage.

  4. During the carification stage, the bottles go through remuage - the riddling process. This involves gradual turning and inversion of the bottle, bringing the sediment into the neck of the bottle prior to removal.

  5. The neck of the bottle is frozen and the sediment forms a 'plug' after which the crown caps are removed, taking the sediment with them and leaving the wine clear.

  6. The dosage (topping up the bottle with sweetish wine) is added, the bottle is corked and labeled and it's ready for your enjoyment!