About us

WITHINGTON WINES - The wines are of high quality and internationally recognised , not only in terms of awards, but far more significantly, in terms of "repeat purchase".

I am sure one of the first questions any wine retailer asks themselves when being presented with a new range of wines and in a market where wines are not in short supply, is "Why Withington"?

I could bombard you with reams of information and glossy brochures, but rather let me quite simply point out the following:
  • Myself and my background: I have some 30 years' experience in the wine business ranging from working with top-end boutique producers, to working on projects with leading UK supermarkets involving HACCP and BRC compliancy.
  • The brand name is my family name and the tag line "Family name, family values" applies throughout. The buck stops here!
  • Two core principles underpin my wines - firstly, anyone can sell the first bottle of wine, but only the inherent quality and value of the wine can sell the second one. Secondly, naturally made, "unforced" wines and a high level of "drinkability" are the aim.
  • The benchmark is "over delivery" in terms of quality and service levels. It is not what I say about ourselves that counts, it is what our customers say about us. To this end I encourage people to get in touch with any of my customers (a comprehensive list can be found on our website (www.withington.co.za) and enquire about Withington Wines.
Probably the most important of all is our philosophy that "we sell with our ears". We listen to our customers, and what wines they NEED to add value to their own particular business. We prefer to list fewer wines initially, confident that they will work and draw in the rest, than be greedy and try and list a whole range.

The wines are of high quality and internationally recognised , not only in terms of awards, but far more significantly, in terms of "repeat purchase".

At the time of writing 2 of the UK's premier mail order companies, The Daily Telegraph Wine Club and Avery's of Bristol currently have a "Withington" ranked as the most popular in their South African selection.

The packaging is visually and aesthetically very appealing.

We drive an active website to continually generate interest.

My biggest single customer in South Africa for 2007 and 2008 has been the Wine of the Month club. Their purchase decisions are made solely on a selection process and which wines offer best value for money at ALL levels. The very nature of their customer base provides a broad exposure for Withington wines.

Not only is the pricing very competitive, but we supply directly to you so the 35% or so lost in the conventional wholesale supply process does not apply, with myself being able to supply an even better wine for the price ... In the end it is simply more product for your buck.

Withington is not a discount-supermarket wine, so you are not going to find yourselves being price embarrassed by the retail sector. In the case of our "Trade" customers, we take it as a personal challenge to drive customers to their door. No simple delivering of goods and saying "good bye" ... We are in for the long haul, have a vested interest in getting the product off the shelves and stocking up again!

Withington Wines might not be represented in your area. The socio-economic dynamics of YOUR market are very much in line with MY products and existing client base, I believe we have an initial synergy.

So much for all of that - the proof of the pudding is in the eating ... we would love the opportunity to be put to the test in your market!