Ideal Soil and Climate

The Allesverloren vineyards creep up the imposing Kasteelberg in the picturesque Riebeek Valley of the Swartland, the vineyards ranging from 170m above sea level to well over 350m with a variance in rainfall of 200mm.

These various meso-climates provide the ideal conditions for creating big, robust red wines. Cold, wet winters are followed by warm, dry summers when the grapes ripen easily with high concentrations of sugar. Yet the prevailing westerly winds, cool summer afternoons and the shadows of the mountain refresh the vines by late afternoon. The soils on this Swartland farm are a mixture of shale and weathered sandstone - a stony structure which is crucial to the particular character of Allesverloren's wines. It accounts for the extraordinary depth which vine roots reach here, thus sustaining strong, healthy vines and resulting in deeply coloured, powerful wines with an excellent concentration of fruit.

Allesverloren Wine Estate