Botha Kelder – one of South Africa’s largest private cellars – is nestled between the Waaihoek Mountains and the Breede River, where the playfulness of sun and snow interact naturally with the science of winemaking, crafting wines of distinction. Botha Kelder is about 75km’s from Cape Town and 20km from Worcester.

8 February 1949, a day that would change the course of history for many people. This is the day Botha Cellar was registered as a co-operation. With only 14 members, the cellar leaped into a future with great expectations. Only one year later, they had their very first harvest, even though the building of the cellar was not yet completed. This in itself made it a very difficult harvest, but they were successful and produced a harvest of 3.386 tons. An official opening celebration took place in 1952, after three years of successful and intense harvesting. Botha Cellar and its personnel have never stagnated over the past 50 years. Faithfully biding by their own ambition, a will to lead in a great industry and their love of wine. Therefore, until this day, Botha Cellar continues their journey with growth and success . . .

1952 A committee was chosen for a new cooling room of 4,000 hectoliter. Mr TC Botha of Worcester did the plan and the quote was accepted. A loan was proposed to the bank for £5 000 but due to an appointment of Mr. GJ Conradie (a man with a family) the loan had to be changed to £12 000. The loan was unfortunately not approved and a new quote was accepted from another builder, Mr. JH de Koker and each shareholder had to forward one shilling each.

1954 An extremely good harvest changed the cellar's financial situation and two more exceptions for press managers and the building of four cement tanks, that holds 800 hectoliter.

1956 A long awaited dream came true when Eskom's power network reached Botha Cellar.

1960 Extra steel tanks, 3 500 hectoliter, from Consani and a Venturi Cooling Tower with a fan was bought in this time.

1961 Not only was this a good year financially for Botha Cellar, but also in other departments as well. All cellar debts were paid in full and extra cash was available for corrections to the cellar. In 1959, Willi Hacker appointed as Cellar master in Germany and in 1961 the first white wine were released at Botha Cellar. This became a necessity in the cellar and wine industry and are proceeded till today. Preparations for the largest expansions (R70 000) of this cellar’s history was being made and their loan at Land Bank was approved.

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Botha Kelder