Years of heritage

Years of heritage and great wine-making

Years of heritage and great wine-making have produced the popular lifestyle Angels Tears range in the heart of the wine lands, Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa. Our wines are created using classic cultivars of the highest quality. The range consist of a Sauvignon Blanc, off-dry rosé, semi-sweet white and a dry red wine which are enjoyed at any occasion and with mildly spiced food. These have reaped quite a few national and international wine awards over the years.

Angels Tears Legend

In the 17th century, amidst the lush vines of the Cape, a dream to create a heavenly vintage was born. An angel overhearing the villagers took it upon herself to make their dream come true. She crept into the cellar by night to sample the fruits of the vine. Overjoyed by the sublime quality and their respect of nature, tears fell from her eyes onto the grapes and a fine ambrosial wine was created. To this day, every drop of Angels Tears wine is a testimony to history and dignity and is to be shared with every traveler.

Angels Tears Wines