The Owners 'The Kirchners', the Winemaker and the rest of the Crew.

The Owners 'The Kirchners'
Dorothee and Jörg Kirchner settled on Druk-My-Niet in 2007.

The Winemaker
Abraham J. De Klerk is the winemaker at Druk My niet. "I remember driving to Druk-My-Niet for the first time and having this feeling of 'peace'. It is hard to describe, but it was a moment were it all felt just so right. Their dream was eminent –purity and depth of life! Once again I packed and followed my heart to what can only be described as 'hope'. Druk-My-Niet has become my home!"

The Crew
Our dedicated team puts in all effort into their work,which results in a unique and distinctive winemaking signature of which every member of the DMN winemaking team is immensely proud.

Druk My Niet
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