Biodiveristy and Birding at Vergenoegd Wine Estate

While Vergenoegd was one of the first farms to support the "biodiversity movement", being one of the founding signatures to the wine industry's Conservation drive, the Estate received official biodiversity status during 2010.

Vergenoegd has recently set aside a portion of the farm containing endangered Renosterveld and Wetland eco-systems for conservation and rehabilitation. Over the years alien vegetation has been removed. Especially the invasive Port Jackson and Rooikrans bush was removed from this portion of farm and this has allowed the natural fynbos to slowly return and increase in numbers. 

Farming practices were also adapted to limit any run-off or build up chemicals especially in the areas adjacent to the wetlands. This has encouraged a large number of fauna and flora species in these areas evident by the large and varied bird life to be seen at Vergenoegd. Some of these include Secretary birds, Blue Cranes, Fish Eagles and other large raptors. Those with an interest in birding are welcome to view the birds on the Estate. 

Furthermore the large variety of waterfowl is also a sight to see. The Estate has harnessed the Runner Ducks as workforce. The Runner Ducks forage for snails and insects in the vineyards contributing to non-invasive farming practises on the Estate. As they have played their part in contributing to Vergenoegds biodiversity status, they have been honoured by having the Runner Duck range named after them. The range consists of three blends; a White, Rosé and Red. Easy drinking wines that is well suited for consumption after a hard day at work! 

For further information on Vergenoegd biodiversity status or birding possibilities, contact Christel Stevens on +27.823271274 or email

Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate