Leopard's Leap - Our Passions

Alongside its primary dedication - making quality wines to appeal to modern, adventurous palates - Leopard's Leap Family Vineyards has three special passions: food, conservation and literature.

Alongside its primary dedication - making quality wines to appeal to modern, adventurous palates - Leopard's Leap Family Vineyards has three special passions: food, conservation and literature.

At Leopard's Leap, wine is seen as one of life's great pleasures, to be enjoyed in the company of good friends and exciting foods. Inspired by this outlook, we have a passion for creating experiences where the wonders of wine can be exploited to the full - its way of creating closeness between friends and family, friends and food, food and wine - its magic in making memories.

In our food and wine offering we endeavour to expose wine lovers to experiences they can recreate in the company of Leopard's Leap wines, wherever in the world they are.

Eat-wise at Leopard's Leap, the offering entails informal, family-orientated enjoyment, exploring our wines in a culinary context that is slanted towards fresh and seasonal food.

Through innovation and experimentation we constantly develop new recipes, the best of which are shared weekly with fellow food and wine lovers through the Leopard's Leap Recipe Club.

By means of our Cooking Classes, presented in the state-of-the-art Leopard's Leap kitchen, we enable enthusiastic foodies and would-be chefs to expand their culinary skills, taking part in a programme that covers a wide spectrum of food types and cooking methods - an inspiration to blend wine with cooking... always, and preferably glass in hand.

The embodiment of our "Eat Passion" is the Leopard's Leap Culinary Collection, produced especially to celebrate the age-old partnership between food and wine. This limited range of wines is available exclusively at the Leopard’s Leap premises.

Through decades, the Rupert family has displayed a sincere commitment to conservation and environmental care. Inspired by exemplary actions in this regard, Leopard's Leap is a proud sponsor of the Cape Leopard Trust, an NGO that aims at optimally facilitating the conservation of the Cape region's predators, in particular the endangered Cape Mountain Leopard.

Symbolic of its commitment to the conservation of the Cape Mountain Leopard, Leopard's Leap 'adopted' three leopards roaming the Cederberg mountains. During 2011 a further three leopards, with the Franschhoek/Wemmershoek mountain ranges as their habitat, were adopted under the same conservation initiative. They have been named Nala, Enzo and Sheeva.

At the Leopard's Leap premises an intriguing interactive wall showcases the important role of the Cape Leopard Trust. Invaluable as an educational tool for young an old, the wall involves the audience in the habits and habitat of this threatened predator, while giving an insight into the conservation challenges faced.

A future initiative is the inauguration of a Cape Leopard Walk in the Franschhoek mountains, allowing hikers to visit sites where cameras capture data about the predators' habitat and their eating, prowling and sleeping habits. The data is collected by the Cape Leopard Trust as part of its research programme.

In appreciation of the academic importance of literature in sharing knowledge, reflecting on affairs, exposing novel things of interest, Leopard's Leap has a special regard for literary values, as expressed in a number of initiatives.

Through sponsorships and the creation of platforms, Leopard's Leap is closely involved in promoting South African literature and the advancement of local authors.

At book launches and literary events across the country, Leopard's Leap, in person and in brand, regularly has a distinctive presence, displaying its involvement and pride in the success of local authors, increasingly being lauded overseas and translated into a multitude of languages.

Leopard's Leap is also a founding sponsor of the annual Open Book Literary Festival held in Cape Town. This truly international event attracts top writers and audiences from around the world, while serving as a fantastic showcase of the best of South African writing and building a love of books and reading among the youth.

Closer to home, a comprehensive collection of food literature is offered in the Shop at Leopard's Leap Family Vineyards, while a library-style reading corner has been created on the premises, for quiet, personal browsing through a wide variety of subjects.

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