Social Responsibility

M'Hudi Wines is a mentorship programme between the Grier family and the Rangaka family from a neighbouring vineyard. M'Hudi Wines is 100% owned by the Rangaka's with Villiera assisting with production and marketing of some of their wines.

Upliftment Projects

  • Daycare Centre: Two trained pre-primary teachers are in charge of an early childhood development program on the farm taking care of +30 children of Villiera farm workers (expert supervision and training is provided by the Pebbles Project).
  • After-school club: A fully equipped after-school club provides a safe environment where children can complete their homework assignments under supervision while their parents are still at work (again supervision and training is provided by the Pebbles Project).
  • The Pebbles Project spends a lot of time teaching the kids environmental awareness and taking them on day trips.
  • Many skills development projects with staff.
  • Parent training workshops.
  • Support vegetable growing projects of our farm staff.
  • Have an indigenous tree growing project amongst our staff. All trees are purchased from them by Villiera for planting on our properties.
  • There is an Environmental Centre on the Wildlife Sanctuary for training children and adults on environmental awareness.
  • In 2013 the OWETHU clinic (an initiative of the CIPLA foundation) was launched at Villiera Wines by David Grier. OWETHU means “Ours” and the aim is to provide easy to access primary healthcare for the families of those employed by Villiera and all the surrounding farms where crèches and after-schools are run by The Pebbles Project (who will also be responsible for running the Clinic).  

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