Social Responsibility

Anna Foundation
Dornier Wines is investing in the future of the farm’s children by offering an after-school facility for Grade R to 12 children whose parents are permanently employed by Dornier Wines. The learning centre opened at the start of 2010 and is run by the Anna Foundation. Through their 3 R’s programme they offer the children literacy and numeracy assistance, sports programmes, guidance in right living and ultimately aim to equip the children living on Dornier with skills for lifelong learning.
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50 Yen Project
Since we began cooperating with our Japanese importer, Tsukasa Miyake, he requested us to add a social element to our product. Tsukasa had studies in Cape Town and when he came back to his native land wanted to keep in touch with the country that had become so dear to him. No only did he start to import its wines, but also he wanted to channel the generosity and socially responsible buying behaviour of the Japanese consumer to do good. His biggest priority was the education for children in South Africa. Together we came up with the idea to add a special seal to each bottle in our Cocoa Hill Range.
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Integrity & Sustainability Seal

From the 2010 vintage onwards, the wines of Dornier bear the Integrity & Sustainability Seal. Dornier fully supports this idea with a set of environmental and social initiatives in all areas of viticulture and wine making.

Sustainable Wine South Africa (SWSA) is the alliance between the Wine and Spirit Board (WSB), the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) scheme, the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI) and Wines of South Africa (WOSA).

Together these organisations are driving the South African wine industry's commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly production. We are not just advocating green, we are practising it!
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Biodiversity and Wine Initiative
The BWI is a pioneering partnership between the South African wine industry and the conservation sector. The goals are to minimise the further loss of threatened natural habitat, and to contribute to sustainable wine production.
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Dornier Bodega Supports Street Smart
Dornier Bodega Restaurant is supporting StreetSmart since 2009 and often ranks as Top 10 contributor. StreetSmart South Africa works along the same lines as it does in the United Kingdom, San Francisco and Australia. It is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation and a Public Benefit Organisation which functions as a conduit fundraising body, distributing raised funds to beneficiaries. The current beneficiaries in South Africa are organisations that work with street children.
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Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative
Dornier Bodega Restaurant is a supporter of SASSI. You will never find endangered species on our menu and we only buy from SASSI accredited suppliers.
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Pebbles Project
The Pebbles Project was established in 2004 to offer support to children with special educational needs, particularly those whose lives are affected by alcohol in some way, in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Dornier supports the Pebbles Project since 2008 through proceeds generated from sales from his Cocoa Hill wines in Japan.
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No Strawberries
At Dornier have a responsibility for the health of our customers and we have an impact on the environment with our buying behaviour. I March 2010 we decided to ban strawberries from our menu due to the concerns about possible negative health effects and in objection of the proliferation of hothouses in our beautiful region
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