Terra Est Vita - 'Soil is Life'

At Avondale we practise sustainable and natural viticulture in line with our ethos Terra Est Vita - 'Soil is Life'. We know that for the land and the business to thrive, every aspect of our living system must also thrive. In everything that we do, we uphold the key principle of Life – to constantly create conditions conducive to more Life.

We include our business partners and customers in our holistic view of our vineyard ecosystem and wine-making process. We know that there is an ever-increasing network that cares, as we do, about both sustainability and quality. We are inspired to hand-craft our organically-made, premium quality wines so that we ultimately offer customers an extraordinary experience approved by Mother Nature.

Fruits of the Vine
We grow our vines in one-hectare blocks where cultivars are matched to soil types; soils are balanced and re-mineralised according the particular block of vines’ specific nutritional needs; and blocks are irrigated separately based on their requirements. The focus of all this careful individual attention is on quality not quantity. We never pressurise our vines nor employ stressful practices to boost the vineyards’ outputs. Each hectare block yields between four and eight tonnes of balanced, healthy grapes providing us with the ideal fruits to make premium quality, extraordinary wines approved by Mother Nature.

Slow wines, naturally made

• Our state-of-the-art, 500-ton capacity cellar was built three-storeys deep in a dry riverbed. It is a gravity-flow facility that ensures that the grapes are moved with the minimum of mechanical intervention.
• Our cellar is specially designed to receive and vinify the harvests of each separate block. This enables our wine-maker to fine tune the ageing and blending of our wines in an exceptional way.
• We have no need to regulate or adjust our wines in any artificial way and so, no enzymes, catalysing agents or softeners are used in the production of Avondale wines.
• We make use of only natural yeast fermentation and adhere to strict international organic certification standards.
• Meticulous processing enables us to make wines that are particularly low in sulphur, less than half the norm.

We practice slow wine-making that gives our wines the time they need to develop to their fullest potential. This ensures that by the time they reach the wine-lover, they are immediately accessible and delicious, while still bold enough in stamina and character to enjoy a long life in the bottle.

"I do what the wines want me to do."
Cornè Marais, Avondale's Wine-maker


Avondale Farm