Nederburg Wine Ranges & Wine Descriptions

Nederburg is South Africa's most decorated name in wine, with more prizes and accolades than any other winery in the country. Our cellarmaster, Andrea Freeborough will tell you that she and her team don't make wines to win awards but to please people's palates.

Nederburg Foundation range
Our Winemaster's taste you can trust

The Foundation range revives a tradition begun by Nederburg's founder, Philippus Wolvaart, who acquired land in the Paarl Valley in 1791. This laid the foundation for Nederburg as South Africa’s most prized name in wine. The range is softly styled with fresh and fruity aromas, making it perfect for everyday drinking.
Delicious medium-bodied, modern-styled wines with inviting upfront aromas, refreshing fruit flavours and youthful tannins.
Made from a blend of Sauvignon blanc, Chenin blanc and Chardonnay grapes, it is lime green in colour with abundant aromas of passion fruit, citrus and hints of freshly-cut grass. Crisp and generous with a fresh acidity. Enjoy with seafood, salads with mild dressings, mild Indian curries and Thai noodles.
A beautiful light green colour. Semi-sweet wine with fresh fruit flavours and generous aromas of pineapple, peach and guava. Excellent with pork, Chinese food, mild curries, liver pâté or desserts.
Bright strawberry in colour with aromas of candyfloss and strawberries. Clean, fruity and refreshing with a good acid structure. Best served with smoked salmon, seafood, summer salads, antipasti and vegetarian dishes.
A blend of Shiraz and Pinotage this wine is ruby red in colour with purple edges. An abundance of berry fruit with hints of spice and a smoky background. Medium- to full-bodied with velvety fruit, cinnamon and integrated oak flavours. Fantastic with Mediterranean meat dishes such as spicy lamb, kebabs or traditional roasts, oxtail and barbecued steaks.
Nederburg 56HUNDRED range
The legacy left by our original Winemaster

The price it took to start a legacy in 1791. One man’s faith in the future gave him the courage to invest 5600 guilders for a life of lasting great taste. When every vintage is worth the wait - smooth drinking every time. Juicy and generous wines with vibrant fruit.
White wines are fresh and crisp with a clean, long aftertaste. Red wines are medium-bodied with good varietal character, integrated oak and soft tannins.
Chenin Blanc
Fresh and crisp with flavours of pineapple, peach and guava. A great partner to lightly spiced Asian dishes, stir fries, mild blue cheeses and desserts.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Fragrant, ripe berries and dark chocolate meld to create a rich, soft-textured palate with lingering flavours. Enjoy with pâtés, burgers, grills, roasts and casseroles.
Nederburg Baronne
Our Winemaster's blend with the noble touch

Smooth, suave and self-assured, a noble blend with a genuine taste of pleasure.
A full-bodied wine with ripe fruit and delicate oak spice flavours, firm tannins and a lingering aftertaste.

This ruby-coloured wine is made from a Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Full-bodied with ripe, succulent berry and cherry flavours, soft tannins and gentle oaking. A great partner to heart-warming roast lamb, oxtail, Irish stew, coq au vin, red meat steak, venison, and savoury mince, mature cheese, pizza and pasta dishes.
Nederburg Première Cuvée Brut
Brilliantly clear with a lasting sparkle.
Crisp and fresh with delicate fruit aromas and a lingering aftertaste.
Première Cuvée Brut

This sparkling wine is made from a blend of Cape Riesling, Chenin blanc, Chardonnay and Colombar grapes sourced from vineyards across the Western Cape. Superbly refreshing and fruity, it’s the perfect partner to any celebration. It gives a bracing vitality to fresh oysters, seasonal fruits, omelettes, Eggs Benedict, but is also excellent enjoyed on its own.
Nederburg Winemaster's Reserve
Reserved for you by our Winemaster

Nederburg's most popular collection is undoubtedly the Winemaster's Reserve range. Here we blend the tradition of generations with sure-handed attention to detail, to create wines of lasting good taste.
Classically styled, food-friendly wines with refreshing fruit flavours, elegance and finesse.
Sauvignon Blanc
Brilliant in colour with greenish tinges. Melon and herbaceous nuances with a hint of green figs, gooseberries and tropical notes. Best served with tomato soup, non-creamy seafood dishes, summer salads, chicken, veal, goat’s cheese and light meals.
Lemon green in colour with aromas of lime, melon and vanilla. Refreshing citrus and apricot flavours and a creamy texture. Great with Camembert and Gruyère cheeses, Thai dishes, creamy seafood dishes and other dishes made with nuts, cream or butter.
Brilliant green in colour with a lime tinge. Off-dry, crisp, floral, fruity and fresh with hints of pineapple and lime flavours and a lively finish. Serve as a chilled aperitif, or with seafood and dishes that are spicy or prepared with cream. This is an extremely versatile and food-friendly wine.
Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé
Strawberry pink in colour with refreshing flavours of strawberries and cherries and a hint of spice. Enjoy with fish, risotto, chicken, salads and vegetarian dishes.
Ruby red in colour. A bounty of plums and prunes and some subtle oak spice. A full mouthfeel with rich fruit flavours, soft tannins and a lingering aftertaste. Serve with rich winter stews, roast duck, guinea fowl, quail, ostrich, game casserole, classic goulash, venison steak, smoked Kassler chops, pasta, pizza, roast leg of lamb, bobotie and even chocolate.
A deep red-coloured blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with aromas of strawberries and cherries, some mocha and vanilla. Soft and juicy on the palate with ripe fruit flavours and gentle. Enjoy with oxtail, casseroles, game, pizza and pasta dishes.
Cabernet Sauvignon
A rich and full-bodied wine with ripe berry fruit, cherry and delicate oak spice flavours, firm tannins and a lingering aftertaste. Great with roast lamb, red meat such as beef and venison served with no sweet or spicy sauces, red meat casseroles, poultry and game bird dishes as well as beef burgers.
Dark ruby in colour with aromas of strawberries, blackcurrants and subtle vanilla oak. A medium-bodied wine with attractive up-front fruit flavours and a soft, silky texture. Excellent with oxtail, roasts, casseroles and game.
This dark ruby-coloured wine shows flavours of ripe plums, prunes and cherries, oak spice and a hint of dark chocolate. Rich and full-bodied with a good tannic structure. Delicious with Mediterranean meat dishes, roasts, grills, oxtail, turkey, duck and game birds.
Noble Late Harvest
This wine is made from a blend of Chenin Blanc and Muscat de Frontignan grapes. Brilliant yellow in colour with hints of gold. Abundant aromas of honey, apricot and tangerine. A subtle balance between acid and sugar with dried fruit and vanilla spice notes. Excellent with rich liver pâtés, pancakes served with orange and honey, other desserts, cakes, pastries and tarts. Also a winner with blue cheese, especially Roquefort.
Special Late Harvest
Produced from a blend of Chenin Blanc and Viognier, this wine has a bright lemon-yellow colour and luscious honeyed palate with pineapple, apricot and raisin flavours buoyed by a fresh acidity. Delicious with mild spicy dishes, roast duck served with fruity sauces, smoked fish, dried fruit, strawberries and cream, fruit salads and baked puddings.
Nederburg Manor House range (only available from the farm in Paarl)
Home of our Winemaster

These varietal wines take their name from the beautiful Cape Dutch home that Nederburg’s founder built in 1800. Beautifully proportioned and a national heritage monument, it mirrors the balance of these varietal wines made from the best-of-best grapes delivered to the cellars. This range is exclusively available from Nederburg in Paarl.
Classic, complex and powerful wines that stand out for their fine balance of fruit, acid and sugar, for their excellent concentration and depth of aromas and flavours.
Sauvignon Blanc
Lime green in colour with an abundance of tropical and passion fruit, floral and flinty aromas. Both refreshing and full-bodied. Superb served with light meals, chicken, seafood, salads, sushi, goat’s cheese, asparagus and Thai dishes.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Appealing flavours of blackcurrants and blackberries, cassis, chocolate, mocha and a hint of oak spice with firm, but supple tannins. Excellent served with rosemary-infused lamb, petit poussin with thyme, seared AAA rump, fillet or sirloin, or Châteaubriand.
Deep ruby red in colour with flavours of dense ripe black fruit and wood spice. A firm structure, sinewy tannins and a long finish. Serve with bifteck au poivre, boeuf Bourguignon, richly-flavoured casseroles, grilled beef, roast lamb, venison, duck, quail and dishes served with a generous sprinkling of fresh cracked black pepper.
Nederburg Heritage Heroes range
Honouring our Winemasters

Award-winning winemaker, Razvan Macici has created a selection of limited-edition, gourmet wines available exclusively through specialty wine shops and restaurants. Each individually named, they have been made to honour some of the major figures in South African winemaking who have been a source of inspiration to him.
Every one of these wines has been made with a focus on innovation, whether in terms of technique or choice of varietal to offer winelovers a greater and more nuanced spectrum of flavour.
The Brew Master
The Brew Master is a Bordeaux-style blend that commemorates brew master and tea specialist Johann Graue, who revolutionised winemaking in South Africa with his clonal selection efforts to isolate top-performing vines for reproduction, as well as his introduction of cold fermentation techniques. The co-owner of a leading brewery in Germany before he came to South Africa, he acquired Nederburg in 1937 and is believed to have created the foundation for excellence followed by his successors. Graue understood long before the rest, that you must begin with the best raw materials and that excellent wine originates in the vineyards.
A classic red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc grapes. Rich, dark red in colour with intense dark fruit characters and a hint of cigar box. Complex with juicy and savoury notes. Fantastic integration between wood and fruit. Excellent with red meat, casseroles and stews, leg of lamb, roast beef, duck, robust chicken and pasta dishes, hearty soups and mature cheeses.
The Motorcycle Marvel
The Motorcycle Marvel honours the legendary winemaker Günter Brözel, who was cellarmaster at Nederburg from 1956 to 1989. He played a leading role in building Nederburg’s reputation as the most awarded winery in South Africa. A maven and a maverick, he is known for his exceptionally high standards. Getting around on a 250cc BSA motorcycle, he looked in on everyone and everything to ensure his exacting demands were met. In 1985, he became the first in South Africa to earn the International Wine & Spirit Competition Winemaker of the Year Award. He was a great pioneer and created the first South African noble late harvest wine, Edelkeur, which was launched at the first Nederburg Auction in 1975 and to this day is sold exclusively through this channel. He is an icon in South African winemaking and has been a major source of inspiration for current cellar master Razvan Macici.
This Rhône-style blend is made from Grenache, Carignan and Shiraz grapes. Dark, intense red in colour with an abundance of spicy, peppery berry and sweet fruit characters on the nose. A rich and intense, full-bodied explosion of flavour on the palate with ripe and silky tannins and an excellent integration between fruit and wood. Outstanding with roasts, barbecued steaks, spicy chicken and intensely-flavoured pasta dishes.
The Anchorman
The wine is named after Nederburg’s founder, Philippus Wolvaart, who bought the farm in 1791 and planted Chenin blanc, amongst other varietals. He had the vision and courage to tame a wilderness and grow great wine. His fingerprints are still on every wine we make.
Made entirely from Chenin blanc grapes, this wine is brilliant in colour with a golden hue. A superb combination of freshness and complexity with ripe apricot, orange and floral characters laced with spice and minerality. Fantastic with fish, poultry, veal, pasta and salads.
The Young Airhawk
This wine pays tribute to Johann Graue’s son, Arnold. Graue senior played a key role in improving viticultural standards in South Africa. Like his father, Arnold introduced many technical innovations and was renowned for his winemaking prowess. Trained as a winemaker in Europe, his Nederburg wines won many prizes at the Cape during his short career in the late 1940s and early 1950s. He died tragically at 29 in a light aircraft crash.
This wine, made entirely from barrel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc, is clear, light green in colour with a golden hue. It has layers of green figs, asparagus and minerality on the nose and palate with well integrated oak. Fresh, crisp and zesty with a creamy texture. Excellent with seafood such as fresh oysters, crayfish, calamari, prawns and mussels, chicken and pasta dishes, vegetables and fresh summer salads.
Nederburg Ingenuity range
A fusion of interesting tastes from our Winemaster

Ingenuity is Nederburg’s platform for innovation and houses exciting new blends made from lesser-known varietals or those combined in interesting new ways. As the name Ingenuity suggests, Nederburg’s ensemble of novel blended wines is an expression of skilled and inventive winemaking intended to explore new pleasures of taste. It targets winelovers who are delighted by craftsmanship and originality.
The Ingenuity range offers specialty wines for the daring, created for enjoyment with food and to enrich the pleasures of the palate in new and original ways.
White Blend
A blend of eight white grape varietals, dominated by Sauvignon Blanc. Clear in colour with specks of green and gold. A bold and exciting wine, commanding yet subtle. Creamy-textured with a core of racy acidity and an amalgam of generous and enveloping fruit flavours enriched by partial fermentation and ageing in wood. Fresh green aromas layered with floral, peach and spice notes. Although excellent enjoyed on its own, it also matches well with quail, duck, guinea fowl, rabbit, lamb, free-range chicken or top-grade beef, prepared with spice, fruit and citrus seasonings.
Red Blend
This wine is made from a blend of Italian varietals Sangiovese, Barbera and Nebbiolo. Bright ruby red in colour with aromas of blackberries, cherries and plums and a hint of oak spice. A supple and elegant mouthfeel supported by fresh tannins and subtle oaking. This elegant and muscular wine displays ripe fruit and spice flavours which linger long on the aftertaste. Excellent served with dishes made from a reduction of fresh tomatoes, with finely sliced rare beef, Italian cured meats or charcuterie.
Nederburg II Centuries range (only available from the farm in Paarl)
Hand-crafted wines made from individually elected vines in exceptional vintages

A celebration of two centuries of skill, tradition and heritage, II Centuries forms the apex of the multi-tiered range of wines produced by Nederburg. All single-varietal wines, the “best of best” collection of hand-made wines are produced from grapes sourced from the best vines within top-performing vineyards jointly identified by the winery’s highly-skilled winemaking and viticultural teams.
Classic and complex varietal wines that stand out for their fine balance of fruit, acid and sugar, for their excellent concentration and depth of aromas and flavours.
Nederburg II Centuries Sauvignon Blanc
Fresh, crisp and multi-layered with abundant notes of herbs, capsicum, gooseberry, asparagus, green figs and citrus. The acid delivers freshness through layers of crisp fruit and herbs down to the base mineral layer. An excellent wine that’s true to the South African style. Serve with fresh seafood, fresh summer salads, rich and creamy soups and pasta.
Nederburg II Centuries Cabernet Sauvignon
Signature notes of cassis, tobacco leaf and cigar box mark this as a classic. Richly ripe black fruits harmonise with oak to produce a generous, mouthfilling profusion of flavours, tempered by firm tannins. Excellent enjoyed on its own or served with carpaccio, coq au vin, roast lamb, beef and venison.
Nederburg Private Bin range
Collectors’ cuvees made for the true connoisseur

The Private Bin collection is reserved for specialist, vineyard-elected, limited-edition wines that are hand-made and while classically styled, exhibit prominent fruit flavours. These wines are sold exclusively on the annual by-invitation-only Nederburg Auction.
Visit the Nederburg Auction website ( to find out about Nederburg Private Bin wines on offer at this year’s auction.
Nederburg Potstilled Solera Brandy

A pure potstilled brandy made in the age-old Cognac custom, using copper potstills, it revives a tradition begun by Nederburg’s founder Philippus Wolvaart in the early 1800s. Nederburg Solera Potstilled Brandy is a blend of double-distilled, matured brandies, some as old as 12 years, aged in traditional sherry casks to impart vanilla spice flavours. A Spanish solera system has been employed to produce a smooth and polished texture. The solera is a highly labour-intensive process of micro-blending that involves a multi-tier system of barrels. A fraction of the blend is drawn from the lowest tier of barrels for bottling with the contents of the barrels always replenished from the top downwards.
Refreshing and refined flavours of delicate dried fruits and nuts follow through on the palate, leaving a long, full-flavoured and lingering finish that is essentially dry and cleansing.
Nederburg Potstilled Solera Brandy
Light gold in colour with an elegant bouquet of fresh and fragrantly vibrant notes expressing a complex mix of vanilla, light floral and citrus aromas with a hint of tobacco. Suitably subtle and fragrant to enjoy on ice with a touch of water or soda to release the unique aromas and flavours, it is also superb served neat in a brandy snifter.

Nederburg Wines