As a major role-player in the regional economy, Du Toitskloof Wines is committed to the Breedekloof community, taking tangible steps to enrich the lives of the men, women and children who live and work in our valley.

In 2005 we became one of the first wineries in South Africa to participate in a social responsibility project under the auspices of Fairtrade, an internationally recognised body ensuring the well-being of rural communities throughout the world. Over the years the Du Toitskloof Fairtrade Initiative, based in the town of Rawsonville , has played a pioneering role in social up-liftment, enriching the lives not only of those working on the wine farms and in the wineries, but also of their families. To date, over 1 800 people have directly benefitted from this project which includes childrens’ day-care centres, a clinic, a primary school, bus-service, bursaries for high-school learning and tertiary education, adult literacy projects as well as health and safety education.

Fairtrade accreditation is held by the Du Toitskloof Wines winery and our 22 members, ensuring that a high standard of ethical and sustainable farming activities is maintained in the entire Du Toitskloof value chain. Worker remuneration and fair labour practices are in-line with international Fairtrade standards, with each farmer having to undergo a stringent auditing process to ensure renewal Fairtrade certification.

Du Toitskloof Winery