We love wine awards! But it’s not only our wines that have been deemed worthy of accolades, our wine label has also won an award. In 2005, our graphic design team at Haumann Smal Design Studio in Stellenbosch won the 2005 Fox Rivers Paper Wine Label of the World award for the Cederberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 label.

But are awards really important?

When a ‘less informed South African wine consumer’ looks at a bottle and sees an award sticker, they exclaim: ‘Look! A Veritas award!’. In real life, we’ve learnt, the award could have been won in any of the 20 national or 10 international competitions in which South African wine farms participate. As far as international consumers are concerned, they have no clue what a local – or even the international – award means.

Why are we (wine farms) then still doing it? Two reasons come to mind: to be acknowledged by our colleagues and peers, and to increase the marketing value of our wines.

At Cederberg Private Cellar we proudly participate in selected competitions, because we’re human and need a nod of approval every now and then.

View our awards click HERE. (PDF).

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