Perdeberg Group

Perdeberg is a producer, with access to a substantial area of vineyards, spanning different wards of origin, of premium wines sold under its trademarks and to premium internationally recognised trademark owners.

The dominance of dry land vineyards and bush vines, unique to Perdeberg, has earned Perdeberg its reputation as a premium producer of scale, across most well-known cultivars and particularly as the home of Chenin Blanc. Our infrastructural capability ensures excellent and consistent service levels throughout the sourcing and supply of grapes and wines, from source up to its end destination.

Our Vision
To supply the World market with the best quality wines at any given price point. We aim to be a complete solution to any customer through our supply network of grapes and wines, able to meet all their consumer needs.
We value long term relationships and seek to establish value added relationships beyond the obvious.

Our Unique Proposition
The composition of our vineyards significantly contributes to the quality of our wines. Our vineyards span over 2300 ha and 70% are un-irrigated, whilst 50% are un-trellised, yielding a very low average of 7.8 tons per hectare.
These dry land bush vines create far better fruit concentration than vines subjected to unnatural vineyard practices, like irrigation. The structure and complexity in these smaller berries bring intense colour, added body and passionate flavours.

Ethics and Safety

  • WIETA - Promotes ethical trade in the wine industry value chain
  • BWI - Partnership between South Africa wine industry and the conservation sector
  • HACCP - Food and Safety standards
  • IPW - Safety standards in vineyards
  • Integrity & Sustainability Seal- seal is a guarantee of origin, vintage and variety as stated on the wine label
  • ARA Project- Prevention of the negative consequences of alcohol abuse

  • 40% Our strategic objective to convert production to owned branded sales
  • For international branded business we partner worldwide with larger branded sales concerns: Bibendium, REH Kendermann.
  • We own our distribution company in South Africa
  • Comic Relief’s sole supplier for Wine Relief 2009 - raised £ 750 000

    Perdeberg Group Awards since 2008:
  • Trophies: 25
  • Double Gold: 6
  • Gold: 31
  • Silver: 60

    Supply Footprint Facts

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Supply Footprint
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Perdeberg Wines