Great improvements and modernisation has taken place since 1948! Various size stainless steel tank from 5000l to 54000l abound in the cellar. This give us the opportunity to create small, unique batches of wines, or bigger, uniform batches for volume brands. A barrel ageing cellar with approximately 450 barrels is the pride and focal point of the cellar.

Cellar practices

Making wine is a biological and scientific form of art. A lot of factors vary from year to year and it is our winemakers’ challenge to make wines that show the difference in vintage and cultivar, but not to vary too much from year to year.

Blending is one of the few tools we use to assure consistent quality. Knowledge of vineyards is also a key factor and communication between the producer, viticulturist and winemaker is very important. We only get one opportunity to pick grapes at the right stage to try and make the ideal wine.

In the cellar we try to handle our grapes and wines as natural and pure as possible. Good grapes, good equipment, educated people that make wine with passion are some of the key elements to produce wine.

Darling Cellars