Farm Animals

We have a variety of Farm Animals at Down The Road Farm.

We currently have a bird list of 73 birds sighted on the farm.

Raptors are:
- Jackal Buzzard (resident)
- African Fish Eagle
- Forest Buzzard (resident)
- Spotted eagle Owl (resident)
- Barn Owl (resident)
- Yellow Billed Kite
- African Harrier Hawk (resident)

Wild animals:
- Caracal (resident)
- Cape Clawless otter
- Porcupine
- Grey mongoose
- Water mongoose

Also 3 rescue animals, Wally the Retriever, Bella the Black Cat and Messi the Swiss Roll Cat.

We also have 2 more Golden Retrievers Rupert (“Dumb Ass”) and Candy (“The Piglet”)
There are 2 resident pea fowls - Vanessa and Ferb.

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