BESTER Family Wines

BESTER is a limited range of elegantly crafted Swartland wines developed by Zakkie Bester, a well-known wine personality who, as proud Swartlander, can trace his roots back to his ancestor Andreas Bester who settled in Malmesbury in the 1700s.

These days Zakkie and his wife Sandra live in Riebeek Kasteel, with outposts in Cape Town and Malmesbury, where their children design roads and bridges, dictate fashion trends and fix people's spelling mistakes respectively. The clan has also acquired two strapping sons-in-law and the first member of the next generation joined the party with great fanfare in 2015.

BESTER wines are made for uncomplicated enjoyment. So, do as the Besters do - pour a glass, sit back and enjoy life's more blissful moments.

Bester Family Wines