Douglas Green: Meet our talented team

Jaco Potgieter (Oenologist) | Stephan Joubert (Viticulturist) | Dico Du Toit & Isabelle Teubes

Jaco Potgieter (Oenologist)
Jaco Potgieter leads the Douglas Green team with passion and dedication as well as significant experience and insight into cutting-edge international trends and styles. He painstakingly manages every stage of production and winemaking throughout several appointed cellars across the Cape Winelands.

Stephan Joubert (Viticulturist)
Viticulturist Stephan Joubert has a natural instinct regarding South African regions and terroir. He pinpoints the best possible vineyard sites and directs all viticultural practices for the best possible expressions or our disctive fruit-driven wines. He also nurtures the wonderful relationships we’ve developed with our appointed growers over many harvests and ensures outstanding quality grapes without exception.

Dico Du Toit & Isabelle Teubes
Dico & Isabelle take the reins in the cellar, where they oversee the final blending and bottling of our singular vintages before we unveil it to the public.

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