About our wine

For nine months of the year the soil in which this vine grows lies in the icy shadow of the Stellenbosch Mountain. In combination with the following three windless and warm Summer months, this valley is naturally the perfect environment for the vine to flourish!

We believe that wine is sunlight captured in water through soil. We therefore cut our vines to admit as much sunlight as possible. The architecture of our vineyard is specifically tailored to permit maximum sunlight. The quality of our soil is also of utmost importance. It consists mainly of turf and river sand. We apply Kompostee to the vineyard for increased root development and growth through the symbiotic plant-microbe interaction.

We look at the leaves as the factory that produces the grapes. Bunches on vines that have insufficient leaves are cut out so that only bunches each supported by at least ten leaves are left. In addition, each bunch must be supported by at least 60cm of cane. By confining the vine’s production like this, it focuses its nutrients into fewer grapes. This however also limits the total production to a mere six hundred cases per year. Quality lies at the heart of our wine, whilst volume is purely incidental.

The grapes are hand harvested and sorted in the vineyard. Upon arrival at the cellar, they are crushed into open fermenters. The wine is gently punched down manually, fermented naturally and with minimal interference. Maturation is done in 2.5-liter French casks for twelve months before bottling.

Pro Amico was awarded four stars by Platter on its first entry to the Platter Tasting.

Pro Amico
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