Game Reserve Wines: Farming in harmony with nature

Where Dedicated Winemaking Meets Passionate Conservation

Rooiberg Winery, the custodian of Game Reserve wines, is part of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI). Our vineyards border on the private reserve in the heart of the Succulent Karoo biome situated in the Breede River Valley, an area extremely rich in plant and geological diversity.

The reserve extends to the eastern slopes of the Rooiberg, bordering the premises of Rooiberg Winery, today the custodian of the Game Reserve wine range.

Here conservation manager Mossie Basson and his dedicated team are running an extensive conservation management plan on 1 885 hectares of land.

The Game Reserve concept is all about creating an environmentally responsible inspired wine brand for wine lovers who care about sustainability in order to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Mossie Basson embarked on an extensive conservation management plan and successfully launched numerous ground-breaking projects such as alien vegetation clearing, stabilizing eroded areas and re-establishing indigenous plants.

In September 2006, Mossie and his team confirmed that the Riverine Rabbit, a critically endangered species once thought extinct, was residing in the Breede Sand Fynbos section of the nature reserve.

One of the many success stories is the extensive alien vegetation eradication along the Vink River which runs through our property. Here an invasive plant known as Spanish Reed is now treated, allowing the healthy natural vegetation to once again flourish - this in turn encourages all the components of the ecosystem to work in harmony.

Yet another example is the remarkable work done on the property to address the habitat destruction of frogs - one of the most endangered groups of animals on the planet and excellent indicators of climate change. Frog species have been identified, catalogued and monitored to ensure their ongoing protection.

Thus, rather than focus exclusively on the so-called “Big Five”, 

Game Reserve Wines