Our Story

Jeremy and Emma Borg founded the Painted Wolf Wine Company in 2007 creating a company and a wine brand with a fresh and different approach - thought provoking, fun, high quality, and distinct with conservation at the core.

Inspired by the charismatic social dynamics of an African wild dog pack, they brought together a pack of passionate grape growers, artists, conservationists and marketing experts, all driven by a shared passion for wine, wildlife and the African bush.

The Painted Wolf range includes wines which are expressive, bold and fruit driven and others which are sophisticated and restrained, reflecting the rich and diverse terroirs of South Africa. They have also won numerous accolades and awards over the years. Painted Wolf wines actively supports the conservation of highly endangered African Painted Wolf, also known as the African Wild Dog or Painted Dog.

There are just 450 Painted Wolves in South Africa, a population which has declined dramatically as a direct consequence of human expansion, persecution and commercial farming practices in South Africa. As Africa's most efficient predator, Painted Wolves play an important role in regulating numbers and the health of prey species, which in turn play a role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. There are only 3 000 - 5 500 Painted Wolves remaining in the whole of Africa, existing in fragmented, small population pockets.

Painted Wolf Wines is privileged to be associated with the UK based Tusk Trust, Children in the Wilderness and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) in South Africa. Funds from every bottle sold are donated to these organisations for research and conservation. Since 2007, Painted Wolf Wines has donated over R2.5million towards conservation projects.

Painted Wolf Wines