Land Reform

While we were establishing the brand we realised that it is not good to build a business without having a home.

We approached the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and in 2009 we were awarded a 8,7 hectares of land under the LRAD Program. Here we could dream to put up our home and plant our vineyards. This piece of barren land now have to be turned into a wine farm. The land is in a Trust with 31 family member registered but it will cover over 52 people. Up till now we had no income from the land but had to get it in a working farm. Vivian and her son and 2 workers started the transformation on this piece of land while the others continue with their daily jobs to support us with food and finances.

In 2013 we establishing the vineyards, 3 hectares of Chardonnay was planted and 2014 2 hectares of Shiraz will be planted. Up till today we are not able to secure finance from a bank to build our business. We sell our wine and work with the profits.

Seven Sisters Vineyards