4th Street Highlights

4th Street purpose is to attract new drinkers to wine by providing a wine that is accessible, inclusive and unintimidating but still offers all the style, sophistication and credentials of wine.

Fresh | Naturally sweet | Burst with fruity flavours

2009 Rosé launched

2011 White & Red launched

2016 Named SA’s leading wine brand by IWSR.

2017 Named SA’s fastest growing wine brand and 9th largest wine brand in the world by IWSR. Launch of LMT Edition Shrinkwrap packs.

2018 Headline Sponsor Project Runway SA (Mzansi Magic). Launch of first Connect TVC. Launch of LMT Edition PRSA Inspired packaging.

- Biggest SA wine brand
- Connects a new generation to the sophistication of wine and to each other.
- Fastest growing SA wine brand in the world

CURRENT CONSUMERS: 19 - 34 year olds

We need to increase distribution and visibility in areas that are under indexed to strongholds and drive distribution and visibility in the on-con environment. E.g. Braamfontein, Sandton, Pimville etc.

- Young males and females entering the wine category (moving on from FABs), developing their tastes and looking for the reassurance of credible brands that suit their lifestyle.
- They aspire to the sophistication of wine but find the category to be complex, dull and intimidating.
- They look for opportunities to get together and have the best time with their social circle, connecting and having fun with friends is key.


On-Con Off-Con
Taverns in Urban & Township areas Party lounges Grocers | Makro | IRD

4th Street Wines