Jean Daneel wines is situated in Franschhoek against the mountains overlooking the fertile valley of fruit trees, vineyards and wild flowers. The wine cellar is a renovated stable in the shape of a horseshoe with a central fountain. The courtyard becomes quite active during the day with the grapes being processed as soon as they arrive. Grapes are still picked by hand and brought to the cellar in small loads. With modern equipment it is possible to make both good white and red wines.

The philosophy is quite simple. Good fruit, German precision and the temperament of the French. The family operation which is run by Jean (past Diners Club Winemaker of the Year) and his wife Rene, and two sons Jean-Pierre and Marchand, is dedicated to quality and they hope to sustain the practice of natural and honest wines to be enjoyed with good food and company.

Jean Daneel Wines