Inspired by Africa and the ideas and philosophies of the world-renowned architect, Luis Barragan, we gave life to our vision for a new home and cellar which brings an exciting, innovative and fresh approach to architecture within the Cape Winelands.

As many of you know, in 2004 we decided to scale down and focus all our attention on making wines and being parents! On the 10 hectares of land we purchased, adjacent to our previous property, we planted some new and exciting varieties: Grenache, Mouvedré, Cinsaut and Viognier. These grapes will start to influence our blends in the coming years. During the 2006 harvest, we processed the first grapes through our new state of the art micro-cellar.

The harvested bunches were sorted on vibrating tables, followed by destemming, berry hand selection, and a light crush into a satellite tank which was then hydraulically lifted and emptied into the fermentation tanks. After fermentation the skins were transported to the basket press on a conveyor belt. Miminum intervention, the use of gravity and technology enabled us to make the most out of excellent quality grapes. The 2006 wines are now quietly maturing in our barrel cellar, showing great promise for some exciting new releases in the not too distant future!

What is new at Mont Destin?

Our latest release, “THE PINK DOOR”- rich with forest floor berry flavours and a hint of spicy Shiraz, is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (75%) and Shiraz (25%) and the perfect accompaniment to any wonderfully created red meat or venison dish; although the best way to enjoy this wine is as an apperitif with great friends…

Mont Destin