A small family winery in the Hout Bay valley producing exclusively Cap Classique sparkling wine. The complete production cycle, from vineyard to final product, is carried out on the estate following as closely as possible the traditional champagne processes.

Most of the equipment originates from Epernay. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay cultivars are blended to produce the base wine, whereafter only the finest champagne yeasts are used for the bottle fermentation. Degorgement dates are declared on the bottles as an idicator of ageing on the lees.

The family consisting of Nick, Ann, Lisa, Miranda, Christo and Alexis all participate in the wine making. Our first vintage was released in October 1999 in time for the millennium.

We are convinced that this is the smallest fully producing winery in Hout Bay (and who knows maybe in the world). Visitors are welcome (by appointment).

Ambeloui Wine Cellar
+27 82 441-6039