Sixty-nine years of innovation and improvements to the secret blend of South Africa’s iconic Rooderberg have produced a product that customers choose again and again, it grows indicative of a loyal following.

Roodeberg has come a long way since 1949, the year the brand was launched under the leadership of Dr Charles Niehaus, a highly respected winemaker and a pioneer of South Africa’s sherry industry and KWV’s winemaking heritage. He played an integral part in establishing Roodeberg as an icon of quality and exclusivity coveted by wine lovers in South Africa, and “many favours were bartered” in exchange for this wine.

Although Roodeberg was not available in South Africa until 2004, it has always enjoyed iconic status in the country. It was said that the lucky owner of a bottle of Roodeberg could procure test tickets, biltong, the use of a beach cottage, among other things. And to South Africans abroad, a glass of the precious liquid was likened to a hug from home.