About Spier Wines

Our winemaking style respects tradition yet challenges convention, and we are home to a diverse collection of activities.

Spier is a place defined by its heritage, the land and the people who have made it their home. Located in the heart of the Cape Winelands, we have emerged as producer of award-winning wine and offer a luxury experience at our hotel and conference centre.

While going about our daily business at Spier, we recognise that we operate in a rapidly changing world. We therefore believe it is important to honour our heritage and encourage its expression, but at the same time inspire a different view of the future.

That is why a visit to our wine farm is not a typical winelands experience. Our winemaking style respects tradition yet challenges convention, and we are home to a diverse collection of activities. These include a variety of eating experiences, from farm-to-table dining to a sophisticated African restaurant, as well as wildlife conservation programmes and one of South Africa’s most extensive collections of contemporary art displayed in our public spaces. Against the backdrop of historic winelands buildings, this stirring combination can provoke fresh insights for guests at Spier.

In keeping with our ethos of doing things differently, Spier has developed a distinctive approach to business which strives to balance prosperity with social and environmental aims. This has led to us becoming a pioneer in sustainable business practices.

  • Our effluent treatment plant is the first of its kind in South Africa - it cleans, re-energises and recyles 100% of our wastewater, which is then used to irrigate our garden and grounds in a closed-loop system
  • Over 80% of our solid waste is recycled
  • We use biodynamic farming practices to restore fertility to the soil on our farmlands
  • Most of our goods and services are procured from small, local, black-owned companies
  • We support local entrepreneurs and have developed small enterprises
  • We are implementing a bold biodiversity plan to re-establish the richness of our land’s unique flora

    In our search for a sustainable future, we aim to take our staff, customers, suppliers and guests on the journey with us. We believe that art is one of the most profound ways of doing this because it engages the senses, intellect, and, importantly the soul. The arts provide a transformative experience, offering new perspectives, and inviting us to take a fresh look at our world and environment.

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