Autumn Harvest Crackling - "A harvest of good taste. A harvest of great times."

Friendly, sociable people drink and share Autumn Harvest Crackling when they get together for a good time.
Autumn Harvest Crackling is a crisp, semi-sweet, natural perle wine of excellent quality.

With annual volumes constantly exceeding 10 million litres, Autumn Harvest Crackling has a strong following amongst both males and females in the 18 - 40 age bracket in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal. They aspire to a lifestyle of entertaining, eating and generally mixing with friends. They enjoy Crackling because of its sociable image.

Autumn Harvest Crackling is an established brand with 100% distribution across South Africa, it has good packaging, with a suitable pack size range, and has consumers amongst all races.

Autumn Harvest