Fortified & Sweet Wines

Since 1991 we have been producing a high-end brandy through double distillation in a pot-still purchased from Cognac in France. Our brandy has over the years been well received including being recognized in the mid 90's as one of the best in the world, at the London Wine and Spirits competition.

Over the years we have always kept back stock and still have some barrels from our first distillation in 1991. We have released a 20 year old brandy to compliment our current 5 and 10 year old brandies. Brandy is a fascinating way to build tradition and with slow release of the original brandy over 5 year intervals we should be able to keep going for a 100 years!

Along the Backsberg Spirit Route you will encounter 2 other wonderful products - a Pinneau and a Cape Ruby. The Pinneau is made by fortifying unfermented grape juice with brandy and returning it to barrel for aging and harmonisation.

Backsberg Estate Cellars