About us

Situated at the foot of the Badsberg Mountain...

Badsberg wine cellar lies in the picturesque Rawsonville area at the foot of the well-known Badsberg mountain from which the cellar derives its name. The cellar is situated a mere 800m from the Goudini spa holiday resort, 20km from Worcester and about 80km from Cape Town.

Badsberg's emblem - the rare and protected haemanthus coccineus or March flower - is found in the area and has pride of place on the Badsberg wine labels. Traditionally, when this flower blooms in March hanepoot grapes are harvested. Badsberg wine cellar is situated in the Badsberg conservancy, an area reknowned for the conservation of the indigenous fauna & flora.

Since its establishment in 1951, winemakers, members of the cellar and viticulturists at Badsberg have been committed to the production of quality wines year after year. This dedication together with modern cellar equipment enables Badsberg's cellar-master and his team to produce a range of quality wines that are regularly awarded many prestigious national and international awards.

Badsberg Wine Cellar