About us

Gently nestled on the slopes of the Stellenbosch Mountain, Blaauwklippen is one of the oldest wine farms in South Africa, dating back to 1682. The name Blaauwklippen comes from the Dutch word meaning "blue rocks".

As one of South Africa's oldest wine estates, we are proud of our heritage, our spectacular setting, our fertile soil and our award-winning wines. Most of all we are proud of our people, who share a philosophy that the winemaker merely finishes what nature has begun.

Experience the rich and fascinating world of wine with Blaauwklippen Vineyards, combining traditional values with innovative ideas for over 333 years, to create one of South Africa's top wine tourism destinations.

Our vision
Founded in 1682, Blaauwklippen is an environmentally and socially conscious winery committed to sharing heritage and innovation with wine lovers worldwide. We are dedicated to the production of excellent wines, the growth of wine tourism, the development of our hospitality and function offerings and the continuous progression of our people and business.

Blaauwklippen strives to produce internationally renowned, terrior wines. As one of the premier wine and hospitality destinations in South Africa, we aim to create an unforgettable experience.


Blaauwklippen Vineyards