"Beyond Expectation"
One of South Africas premier estates, this beautiful farm is situated on the east facing slopes of the magnificent Constantiaberg and barely 12km from False Bay. Originally, Buitenverwachting was part of the Constantia Estate which was founded by Simon van der Stel (the first Governor of the new Dutch colony at the tip of Africa). First sold as a 200 morgen sub-division to Cornelis Brink in 1773, Buitenverwachting flourished as a wine farm, due mainly to the 90,000 vines planted in 1825 by Ryk Cloete, brother of the famous Hendrik Cloete of Constantia.

Purchased by the Muller family in 1982, the farm has been restored to its former glory while extensive planting of the most selected of cultivars was initiated. The result was a maiden grape harvest of 100 tons - the first harvest the farm had seen in 30 years. An historic achievement that lived up to its name of Buitenverwachting - the Dutch word for "Beyond Expectation". A small block of Hanepoot table grapes which still grow magnificently despite their age of nearly 100 years have been retained as a living tribute to the heritage of Buitenverwachting.

"Partnership with Nature"
The concept of environmental farming has also been introduced to the vineyards at Buitenverwachting. This farming is not only "easier" on the land, fauna and flora, but also contributes to the holistic approach to the making of the wines where the important contribution by nature in the making of the wines is extended even further.
All classical cultivars, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Rhine Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Merlot are grown at Buitenverwachting. The vineyards are all dry land vineyards with an average crop of approx. 5 tons/ha, ensuring healthy, top quality grapes. This partnership with nature forms the core of Buitenverwachtings holistic farming practices.

"Ultra Modern Tradition"
The impressive cellar features the most up-to-date wine making equipment available, including a refrigerated barrel maturation area with a capacity of 3,000 small French oak barrels.

"Stunning Haute Cuisine"
Consistently rated among the top ten restaurants in the country, the fare at Buitenverwachting ranges from exotic Continental dishes to traditional South African flavours in an exclusive venue overlooking the vineyards. The menu is changed daily and only the finest fresh produce procured from far and wide. This includes prawns from Mozambique and venison from Namibia. And to complement the exquisite cuisine, the restaurant has an extensive wine list which comprises some of the estates finest wines, the very best from the Constantia region and the rest of the Cape as well as selected international wines.

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