Klein Gustrouw is an Estate - S.A.s appellation controller. The Farm makes only one wine - its Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot retailing at R48.00 inclusive. Yield is limited to 7 tonnes per hectare with 21 tones committed to our own winery, a further 100 tonnes going to Stellenbosch Farmers Winery.

Klein Gustrouw, Cape Dutch and built in 1817, commands the entrance to the Jonkershoek valley 1 km of Stellenbosch, which in itself arguably the prettiest small town in South Africa and within which Wijnhuis is our favourite restaurant.

The grapes, hand-picked and again hand-sorted at the winey door, have been physically handled or at least closely eyeballed - every bunch - by the winemaker himself since the first vintage - that of 1993.

The housestyle became apparent from the 1993 vintage onwards - a big wine, very dark in appearnce, elegant and fruity. All vintages have further improved over time.

A large proportion of this bontique cellar is production goes to U.K. principally to Corney and Barrow, and The Wine Society.

Klein Gustrouw 1996 won Gold at Veritas 1998. We will be entering the 1997 only in 2000 Veritas (did not enter 1999 Varitas)

Klein Gustrouw Estate