The Bergkelder, resting comfortably on the slopes of the Papegaaiberg in Stellenbosch, was founded in 1967.

This “famous cellar in the mountain” was the first of its kind in South Africa and is known for producing great wines and, year after year, vintage after vintage, this prestigious winery continues to harvest international awards.

Fleur du Cap is a range of exceptional wines that reflects the generosity of nature and the dedication of the viticulturist and winemaker who personally select only the finest sunripened grapes to produce wines of abundant flavour and character. Made in a contemporary style, the philosophy of minimum interference is adhered to, and the winemakers have excelled in producing wines with remarkable concentrations of fruit. Released under the distinguished seal of The Bergkelder, each bottle has achieved perfection, and is ready for your enjoyment.

In keeping with its role as one of the most important innovators in the Southern Hemisphere, this winery was the first in South Africa to produce a range of unfiltered wines, and today, again in the spirit of innovation, The Bergkelder has produced a new generation of wines that retain the absolute flavour and varietal character of the grape. These wines allow for the fullest expression of their unique terroir and reflect in every way the generosity of nature at the Cape.

Fleur du Cap at Die Bergkelder