About 15 kilometers from Stellenbosch, on the slow, meandering road that leads to Somerset West, lies a piece of land that is as peaceful and as tranquil as it is in unison with its surrounds. It nestles, in cozy comfort, against the lower slopes of the magnificent Helderberg and from the farmland’s threshold to its northernmost pinnacle, high against its towering heights, it embraces breathtaking views that stretch across the width of False Bay to the furthest-flung beacon that is Table Mountain.

Yonder Hill covers some 13 hectares of rich Oakleaf and Clovelly soil. Vineyards are planted, predominantly, on the northern slopes of the farm and comprise two main cultivars: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot feature as well. Maritime breezes in the early afternoon greatly influence the ripening process and the grapes are harvested as long as three weeks later than they are in Stellenbosch, a short distance away.

The cellar was built in 1993, but greatly modernised four years later. The barrels, of French oak, are kept underground to allow for gravity-feeding and the cellar can house up to 800 of these containers, each with a capacity of 225 litres. All three red wines produced at Yonder Hill - the Nicola, Inanda and Merlot - are matured here.

Yonder Hill