Our 172 acre estate is situated on the Schaapenberg slopes above Stellenbosch, neighboring Vergelegen. Mount Rozier can be reached in half an hour from Cape Town international airport. The location with its commanding views, undulating topography, varied soil composition and idyllic microclimate provides a natural amphitheatre to produce world class single vineyard wines.

Research into the history of the estate led to the selection of Mount Rozier, after Annie Rozier, a local flower merchant who gathered wild flowers on the slopes of Myrtle Grove at the turn of the century and sold them in Cape Town.

Guests including children can now appreciate our unique beautiful wine estate from horseback. The team looks forward to welcoming you to soak up the relaxed lifestyle enjoying unspoilt nature and wildlife over a picnic and glass of fine wine.

Mount Rozier's aim is to establish and cultivate a leading New World Premium Wine Estate through the development of three branded offerings.

It is our desire to develop and market a portfolio of specialised premium wines through an extensive distribution network and establish a route to market through close relationships with suitable like-minded partners. The Company will provide a dedicated specialised service to customers through all trade channels that support and develop a premium wine range and culture and will aim to establish a reputation for excellence and quality in production and practice –from the vineyard to the glass.

Mount Rozier is thoroughly committed to provide the best quality products that are produced ethically and in an environmentally friendly manner.

On our estate in South Africa we have created the Mount Rozier Community School - a weekend fun school. Its primary aim is to provide a creative outlet to develop the necessary skills and help encourage the children to take the step into tertiary education. This has already proved to be very popular with the local community and is regularly attended by 70+ children.

Marine Conservation South Africa is one of the most unique and desirable destinations in the marine world. It is here that the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean meets the warmer Indian Ocean, providing the most spectacular flora and fauna and incredibly diverse inhabitants.

The packaging of Mount Rozier Estate's mainstream wines Rozier Bay and Rozier Reef was inspired by this and display our support and appreciation. Additionally both ranges contribute directly to Mount Rozier being the proud supporter of the Prof. Charles Griffiths UCT - South African Marine Symposium focusing on conservation within oceans.

The Mount Rozier estate is currently planted with 4 premium grape varieties, namely Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz. It is sub-divided into separate domaines and each is treated as an individual entity-creating truly unique wines of exceptional quality!
  • Domaine Max Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Domaine Michael Sauvignon Blanc
  • Domaine Blitzy Merlot
  • Domaine Mauerberger Shiraz

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Mount Rozier Wines
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