On a small historic farm outside Wellington, in the heart of the winelands, Claridge Wines are crafted by Roger and Maria Jörgensen. Roger traded the strawberry fields of Kent for the fynbos fringed mountain vineyards of the “Groenberg” Wellington.

Claridge wines embody the free spirit of “L’art pour l’art” - art for art’s sake - in their authentic, personal style distinguished by quality, craftsmanship and fidelity to terroir. The production is small but the wines are big, genuine examples of the Cape winemaker’s craft.


Four generations back, two Norwegian friends and business associates, Johnsen and Jörgensen, emigrated to England. The men fell in love and married the Claridge sisters. The Claridge name has remained in the family ever since. The dove of peace with olive branch, lily of the valley flowers, and banner inscribed - Labore et Amore - Labour and Love - depicts how we feel about Claridge Wines.


Produced on a small historic farm in the South African winelands, elegant and distinctive Claridge Brandy is hand-crafted with labore et amore - labour and love - by Roger and Maria Jorgensen. Limited production offers a big-hearted brandy distilled in a 19th century copper still and watched over by the angels as it matures in fine French oak over a minimum of five years.

Bottled au naturel, Claridge Brandy is a rare and delicate spirit. Dry, for the connoisseur’s palate, its subtle complexity entices with hints of cinnamon, violets and wild flowers. Savour it, but do not begrudge the angels their share.

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