Jan van Riebeeck may never have dreamed that out of the humble vineyard planted by Hendrik Boom in his garden at the foot of Table Mountain would grow sprawling wine farms and complex corporations, and yet their raison detre remains the same. For nature has endowed the southern tip of the African continent, with a climate well-suited for grape growing and has over the centuries attracted people to exploit its full potential.

JONKHEER is a family owned company, comprising of three farms and a wine cellar, as well as a firm specializing in the distribution of quality wines. The farm is situated on the banks of the Breede River near Bonnievale in the Robertson Valley - also known as the Valley of Wine and Roses.

In 1912, four generations ago, Klaas Jonker purchased an arid piece of land alongside the Breede River. After starting off with ostriches, he started to plant vines soon after the Zandrift irrigation canal was completed in 1921. His four sons took over, each with his own part of the original farm.

Andrew, his second son, built a small winery on his part called Myrtle Grove. Together with his eldest son, Nicholas, they gradually expanded and started to market their own wines locally. Thus the family trade mark JONKHEER was established.

At present both Nicholas sons, Andries and Dirk, are involved in JONKHEER. The combination of experience and new ideas promises exciting developments in the future.

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