"Die Fonteine", home to Somerbosch Wines, has been the home to the Roux family for more than half a century. During this period two Roux generations have been honing their skills in both the cultivation of quality vines: and vintning skills, culminating in the launch of their own label Somerbosch Wines, in 1995.Since then Somerbosch wines are in demand locally as well as being enjoyed in various European and American countries.The Somerbosch range of wines are innovative and varied, appealing to a wide range of palates - at Somerbosch we like to think of our wines as convivial classics.

During each vintage, natural conditions allowing, we at Somerbosch hope to choose the best grapes available from specific vineyards, and through special care and attention, hope to create a wine worthy of the title Somerbosch Reserve.These wines will be released in limited editions only, in vintages dictated by nature and will be produced with the connoisseur and serious wine lover in mind.

Somerbosch Wines
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