Lutzville Vineyards Co-Op was founded in 1962. Since then it prospered and grew to become the second biggest winery in South Africa.

The Lutzville Wine Cellar is situated on the banks of the Olifants River where it flows into the cold Atlantic Ocean on the cape’s West Coast. Its unique setting and mild climate – dominated by misty mornings, sunny days and prevailing south-westerly sea breeze – makes it ideal for growing top quality grapes.

This together with undulating landscapes and fertile soil promotes the production of wines with a uniqueness in character and outstanding quality.

The wine made from the grapes is marketed under the label Fleermuisklip (the original name of Lutzville was Vlermuisklip). The name Flermuisklip is derived from a rock where early travelers used to overnight and were troubled by bats. On the label is a representation of the bridge (the gateway to Lutzville) where Sishen Saldanha railway line crosses the Olifants River Valley.

The cellar produces a wide variety of white and red wines. Tourists are treated on wine tasting right through the year and cellar tours are possible in season if booked in advance.

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