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More about Opstal Estate

Stanley Louw - current owner and sixth generation vintner - is a descendant of J C Rossouw, the first owner of Opstal bij de Fonteine in 1847.

Significant changes were introduced in 1950, when Stanleys grandfather, Carl Everson, extended and modernised the winery and continued making his own wine instead of joining the local co-operative winery.

The wine-cellar was modernised in the late seventies and modern cellar-equipment is imported regularly in order to ensure the production of choice wines for the export market - mainly The Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Opstal in the 21st Century

The objective for the near future is to increase red wine production up to 40%. Emphasis on adding sought-after red cultivars only utilising the correct resources with the aim of supplying to a small, select local and international market rather than producing large volumes.

Stanley Louw's vision is to establish Opstal Estate as a role player in the wine industry by consistently producing quality red and white wines.

Their most recent achievement is the prestigious award of Worcester Winemaker of the Year for 2002 for Stanley Louw.

Geography and Varieties

The Slanghoek valley is situated north / south with the Slanghoek mountains to the west and Badsberg east of the valley. Clay soil - where Cabernet Sauvignon is planted - is found on the eastern slopes of the valley. The alluvial soil on the banks of the Slanghoek river - in the centre of the valley (north / south) - is utlised for the cultivation of grapes for easy-drinking, white wines. Sandy, stony soils - ideal for Shiraz, Pinotage and Cinsaut - is prevalent on the western slopes. Some 100 hectares of vines have been planted making optimum use of the various slopes and diverse soils.

The following cultivars have been planted on the estate:

Chenin Blanc (25%)
Sauvignon Blanc (10%)
Chardonnay (9%)
Muscat d'Alexandrie (7%)
Sémillon (5%)

Cabernet Sauvignon (9.5%)
Shiraz (8%)
Cinsaut (5%)
Pinotage (3%)
Merlot (2%)
Ruby Cabernet (2%)

Various others: 14% (Colombard, Riesling, Clariette Blanche)

20 000 cases / 1 600 tons
70% white / 30% red

Opstal Estate and Restaurant