Location and climatic conditions

Not too hot, not too cold

150 kilometres from Cape Town and alongside the Breede River, you'll find Robertson's 'Valley of Wine and Roses'.

The Robertson valley has become world renowned for wines of great depth and concentration. This is due in part to the ideal soil and climatic conditions which prevail in this region. On Bon Courage, situated at the confluence of three rivers, there are reddish-coloured sedimentary, rich alluvial and river soils. Andre’ has accepted the basic maxim that wine is produced in the soil and has harmonised the correct cultivar to the correct soil.

Computerised drip irrigation was installed on the Estate in 1972. It is used to achieve scientific control of water applications. The estate is fanned by a cool, south-easterly breeze during summer afternoons and evenings. Nights are cool and often misty, further assisting to safeguard the delicate and elusive flavours and aromas of its grapes. During the dormant winter months, Bon Courage is soaked by seasonal rainfall.

Bon Courage Estate